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For the past 10 years, Emily Skyrocker has been roaming through a varied biome of progressive psychedelic trance. She may also be found traveling in drier but equally biologically diverse techno and house habitats. Her natural range is the southwestern United States, but as a widely ranging specimen, the haunting sound of her rhythmic stridulation has also been heard in Germany and northern Mexico.


The wild Skyrocker basks in the warm spot of an enthusiastic following in her local Denver burrow. As an ambush predator, she can typically be found hunting for tunes behind the decks, using adaptive techniques to lure unsuspecting beasts to the dance floor.


The wild Skyrocker is diurnal, crepuscular, and nocturnal, hunting whenever the hunting is good. Warning: Skyrocker’s lively dance floors have been known to cause localized earthquakes wherever good psytrance is found. Venom rating: painless but known to be intoxicating. Handle with care.

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