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Quantum Universe

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Cyberattack - Quantum Universe Cyberattack - Quantum Universe

Cyberattack – Quantum Universe. [G-145BPM]

Some of the good things that I have seen during this quarantine is that many artists are having time to practice and enhance their skills. I have seen so many painters, graphic designers and musicians taking their art to a whole new level. Many of my friends have come with amazing new original music, music compilations and multimedia content.

It is my turn to present my first musical contribution to the scene I love. I have been working for about a year learning music production and finally feel comfortable releasing my first psytrance single.

I would like to recognize the big effort of my music teacher Tony Gonzalez aka 3D-Ghost who has been teaching and guiding me during this musical journey for the last 4th months, Tony has helped me to find and refine my own sound. And to my brother Ricardo Morales aka CtrlZ3ta who has been assisting me with knowledge, resources and patience. Thanks to my friends and family for your unconditional support and encouragement.

I have long ways to go to continue learning and to master sound and music production, skills that I will only improve with time and persistence.

I proudly present to you my first song called “Quantum Universe”. (Made in Colorado).

Quantum Universe


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