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Beneath The Arctic Ice

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Beneath The Arctic Ice

Beneath The Arctic Ice- named Mike, an upcoming Twilight Producer & DJ. Born in San Jose California, raised in El Paso Texas. His musical journey started at a very young age, learning how to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano. Started off performing in Metal bands, later learning about the Edm World, falling into the psychedelic hurricane, learning, loving & embracing the darker side of the realm. In 2014, he became very connected with the edm world, learning the art of mixing, meeting people in the music scene, watching, learning, as well as taking his first steps into his own productions.
In 2015 everyone started to see that he had true drive and passion for the music, which gave him the opportunity to perform at a few local bars and clubs in El paso. In January 2016,  he had searched deep within to find the perfect name for himself, what he had found within, was a deeper feeling that he embedded deep down BENEATH THE ARCTIC ICE, the meaning had become a mystery to everyone when he had shared his Artist name.
It has been said that when he performs you can feel as if you are with him deep beneath the arctic ice, lost into the psychedelic abyss. He had started to record his mixes to share with the world, starting off in the psytrance and Tech Trance genre, he would make a mix every month for everyone to hear. With these mixes he would call it a journey through outworld, his world deep within the rabbit hole. Around May of 2016 he was invited to perform at a local psytrance gathering in el paso, meeting a lot of friends and other artists that played different styles of psytrance, surprised him not knowing there were so many different styles within the genre.
Digging deeper and deeper within the depths of the Psychedelic abyss, expanding and growing more to the darker side. Around the fall of 2016, he was contacted with the opportunity to be able to share his mixes on the Phoenix Trance family radio station over the internet. The portion of his radio show was called OutWorld. In the beginning of January of 2017, his life would forever change in the opportunity to perform for the first time out of Texas into the deserts of Arizona.
The life changing experience was just the beginning of his journey, Meeting more artists from the underground scene from other states,  building bonds with everyone. Being introduced and adapting with the darker styles, he had started to grow in his taste of the trippy world, having huge inspiration to add to his productions. The beginning of 2018, the release of his logo was given to the world.
In the mid of 2018 a gentleman from Houston texas,contacted him offering more to his musical journey with an event booking for the first time in Houston. Mike had started to quickly expand and become known. The beginning of 2019, he had gotten a friendly call from an amazing artist and friend that had given him the opportunity of his lifetime, after seeing and meeting him in Houston. Having shown the drive and energy Mike gives to the crowd, that had given him the opportunity to travel internationally to the beautiful city Zacatecas, Mexico.
His first step in becoming an international artist started to grab the world's attention. Throughout 2019 he started to branch out in sharing his passion for the music to many new cities and states, sending his audience through OutWorld. Travelling through Arizona, Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, meeting so many artists and friends, sharing not just the stage but the dance floor as well with everyone. Around mid 2019, he was presented in the honor of being part of the Dimensional Mayan Tribe. Mikes skills have improved fast and knowledge in the production level. This is just the beginning as his journey continues... 

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